IRIS has the capabilities to provide all levels of background checks in the Russian Federation. In the CIS, this is a key tool for any business interested in reducing risk and fulfilling compilance requirements. This is increasingly valuable due to increased risks alongside sanctions, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering legalisation. 

Our services range from standard pre-employment checks through to in-depth due diligence and asset tracing on high net worth individuals and major corporate entities. Not only do our reports fill gaps in your knowledge and satisfy regulatory requirements - they allow you to adjust your business strategy and avoid costly losses. They are applicable at any stage of your business cycle and can be tailored to fit your exact business and informational requirements - from acquisitions due diligence to contractor and supply chain security checks.

IRIS network of contacts in a range of local and industries allows you to access accurate and timely information for your business, while our international knowledge base and experienced multilingual team give you the tools to understand the local market quickly, accurately and at a low cost. Thereby understanding and anticipating any potential risks before they occur.

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