IRIS is employed by a multitude of multinationals and a range of business intelligence and investigative agencies based inside the CIS and further afield.

Our strict confidentiality practices and our respect for our Clients' corporate policy mean that we do not directly disclose any information on our client base. References may be provided on request. Please see our case studies below to see how we can tailor our security services to an individual sector or company.

case study 1:

A multinational consumer goods company was referred to IRIS after recieving information from a whistleblower to their EU head office. The source suggested that a large-scale fraud was taking place using imported counterfeit goods run by members of the client company. IRIS launched an investigation in to the allegations and was able to confirm the presence and source of counerfeit, the distribution network involved and transactions linking suspect companies to offshore entities. A digital forensic investigation also confirmed that the fraud was being conducted by the Client's employees during office hours at their Moscow premises. Following the IRIS investigation, the offending staff were removed from the company in accordance with compliance procedures by our legal team and the counterfeit network shutdown.

case study 2:

A US family referred to IRIS to find the birth mother of their adopted daughter in the Russian Federation. However, the client lacked adequate information or documentation to pursue the case via a standard enquiry. The inquiry was futher complicated by a series of name changes due to re-marriage by the subject and relocations across the interior of Russia. Using the Elite Security representative office network, IRIS was able to make full local inquiries in Siberia and locate the mother and provide the client with her contract details along with a full review of her background and character.

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