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The high level of counterfeit traded across the CIS has led many companies to combat infringements on their intellectual property and enforce their rights.

Our team has a wealth of experience tracking any entity or person active in the distribution or sale of counterfeit products throughout the former Soviet Union. Our staff are qualified specialists and are frequently involved in identifying counterfeit goods and parallel imports for court proceedings. We use our large geographical coverage to cut to the core of counterfeit issues and our well-developed professional relationship with local authorities to enforce the intellectual property rights of our clients. This includes the organization of raids, seizures and customs enforcement. Our legal advisory team is also able to provide advice through the entire spectrum of your intellectual property rights protection in the CIS, from registration of trademarks through to court proceedings.

We represent a range of companies in different industries ranging from electronics, food and beverages, fashion, luxury, through to pharmaceuticals. Therefore, we understand the needs and requirements of each individual sector and accordingly, each client.

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