risk & crisis management

IRIS assists our Clients with the development, implementation, testing and refinement of security and crisis management plans. Our corporate security experience and market knowledge allows us to help minimize the potential impact of any crisis that may affect your business, personnel, product or reputation. This expertise includes access to, and coordination with, local administrative and media bodies in order to best deal with a major threat as it arises.

Our team understands the increasingly complex nature of doing business in the former Soviet Union and recognizes the potential routes, outcomes and solutions of crisis situations as they occur. Therefore, IRIS and Elite Security have integrated their crisis management policy to provide immediate rapid response services and strategic consulting to your organization in the event of a crisis. Our system of integrated, proactive planning combined with rehearsed support and a security rapid response team covers the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. This allows our clients to mitigate damaging losses to their company and ensure the highest levels of contingency planning and crisis response.

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